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Outcomes and objectives

How will we gauge the difference the Forum is making to the SDS community within the East Renfrewshire area? By measuring our progress against clear outcomes and objectives.


By ‘outcomes’ we mean the positive difference we hope to make through our work. Namely, to ensure that the SDS community:

  • Outcome 1
    are better informed of their rights and the opportunities available to them
  • Outcome 2
    are offered support and services relevant to their needs
  • Outcome 3
    have easier access to good practice guidelines and wider support
  • Outcome 4
    have more choice over the support methods available to them
  • Outcome 5
    have greater say over policies and strategies that impact on their needs.


Our objectives highlight the things we need to achieve in order to achieve our outcomes. These include:

  • Objective 1
    increase Forum membership
  • Objective 2
    establish the needs of the wider SDS community
  • Objective 3
    provide training that will help support these needs
  • Objective 4
    exchange experiences and good practice with local partners.